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Shoes for AFO is an off-shoot brand of AFORT® that specializes in shoes and boots that fit over Children and Adult Orthotics. The “AFO” portion of our name is an acronym for “A Fresh Outlook”. Shoes for AFO’s mission is to give A Fresh Outlook to the orthotics community by providing customized footwear that does not compromise style. Our shoes are fully customized to fit your measurements, meaning we are able to accommodate nearly any orthosis out there: AFO, KAFO, DAFO, SMO braces and more!

Shoes for AFO By AFORT® May are not simply adaptive, they are fully CUSTOMIZED to fit your measurements! We make our shoes using genuine leather and suede, with rubber soles, so they are durable as well as CUTE and STYLISH! Our custom shoes and boots for orthotics are available in adult (women’s) and children’s (boys and girls) sizing.



How are diabetic feet treated?
Fortunately, most diabetic foot problems can be prevented and treated by wearing diabetic shoes that are specially designed to protect diabetic feet, such as diabetic shoes for as well as socks for diabetes, and by following a proper foot care routine. A good foot care regimen includes washing your feet daily, protecting your feet from temperature extremes, staying active, checking your feet regularly, and wearing protective diabetic shoes and specially designed diabetic socks such as bamboo diabetic socks that have a loose, non-constricting, seamless design, and a moisture wicking system.

What is special about diabetic shoes?
People who suffer from Diabetes know too well that their health is affected and can sometimes limit their physical activities and even day to day lives. Specifically, living with. Diabetes has a direct effect on the feet and legs and special attention is required.

How diabetes affects the feet?
Diabetic neuropathy occurs in 60-70% off people with diabetes and tends to damage the nerves in your legs and feet causing you to lose feeling in them. This means you might not feel cuts or sores on your feet and when your feet get too hot or too cold, all which could lead to serious infections and complications. That is why the best diabetic shoes are always seam-free, nonbinding and offer generous space for a comfortable and pressure free environment.

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